North Central: Warm Days in the Neighborhood

Nadirrah Jones and her family sits outside in the warm weather.
Nadirrah Jones and her family sit outside in the warm weather.

Warm weather is often known to bring out new activities. Some residents in North Central Philadelphia feel the warm weather causes people to act crazy. Nadirrah Jones, a resident of the area felt very strongly that people party too much when it gets warm outside.

“I’m upset because yesterday all these people weren’t out,” Jones explained. “Now they are out here drinking and I feel some kind of way because it is total disrespect.”

Jones and her family have lived in the North Philadelphia area for a while and have noticed this trend over the years. Jones has a lot of her family around her and they all enjoy sitting outside when the weather gets nice.  Jones felt that the chaos that students and other residents cause are inappropriate for little children to see. She said she hopes that the summer will not result in this similar behavior.

Nadirrah Jones braids hair outside.

Dominick Evans is also a resident of the neighborhood but said she felt that the warm weather is a good opportunity for her neighbors to connect with her family.

“I like the nice weather because my kids can come outside and run around,” Evans said. “You get to see people you don’t see all.”

Evans explained that a downside to this warm weather is an increase in violent behavior.


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