Olney: Bottom Dollar Food Grand Opening

A line of customers waited outside to check out the new supermarket.
The Grand Opening of Bottom Dollar Food is located on 6119 N. Broad St.

After months of construction, Bottom Dollar Food, a discount grocery chain supermarket, is finally open to the public.

Located on 6119 N. Broad St., customers were lined up outside throughout the parking lot to get their chance to shop for low priced quality food. All of the shopping carts were taken.

“It’s almost like Black Friday,” said Denise Kenner, a local resident.

The line was moving fast. Customers had to wait about 12 minutes to get inside.

“I’m looking forward to get all my food from here.  The prices are reasonable judging from their ads. And that’s what I need, low prices. I hope Bottom Dollar is better than Shop Rite,” Kenner said.

A line of customers waited outside to check out the new supermarket.

“We are better than Shop Rite,” said Greg Wickersham, a cashier, passing out the ads.

Customers did not seem to mind waiting a couple minutes to get in, except for local resident, Robert Chow, “I’m not waiting in that long line. I only need two things. I will come back tomorrow.”

Benjamin and Claire Walter, also local residents, had finished shopping. They were loading their full cart of food into their car. “The prices are great. The food is fresh and people are very friendly,” Claire said.

Shopping carts had all been taken by food shoppers.

“Bottom Dollar Food is going to be real positive for the area,” said Wickersham.

And it is already starting to look positive, customers and workers were all smiles. Everyone was talking and joking around.

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