Fishtown: Vote for New Bakery Unanimous

Zynthia Martinez explained concerns such as lights and trash disposal.
Zynthia Martinez explained concerns such as lights and trash disposal.

Zynthia Martinez worked for a medical device company but her heart was in her baking.

“I was constantly late for work because [I was] always baking for them,” Martinez said.

Ever since she was little girl all she has ever wanted to do is bake.

She applied to open a bakery at Thompson and Marlborough streets but her request was denied by the Philadelphia Zoning Board of Adjustments as the property was residential and not commercial.

Though the building at 1255 Marlborough St. has served as a delicatessen in the past, the permit had expired.

Undeterred by the opposition, Martinez brought her appeal to the Fishtown Neighbors Association Zoning Committee Meeting for review.

A smiling Martinez stood in front of the committee and members of the community at the Fishtown Recreation Center and explained how this one time deli could be transformed into Zynnie Bakes where she would serve up cookies, cakes and confections.

The community welcomed the idea and shouted requests: “I like bagels,” and “I like cinnamon buns.”

Neighbors said there was a need for a bakery in the neighborhood. In a unanimous decision the FNA Zoning Committee helped bring her dreams of opening a bakery one step closer to reality. The outcome of the meeting will be presented to Philadelphia ZBA by the FNA Zoning Committee for appeal. With any luck, the sweet aroma of baked goods will fill the air soon in this Fishtown neighborhood.

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