Mantua: Fourth-Generation Artist Brings Color to the Community

Rebecca Rose stood next to her painting.

Rebecca Rose is a fourth-generation artist who is following in her family’s footsteps in the hope of adding a splash of color to Mantua. With a degree in art and education, Rose has taken over the Rose Metzger Fine Art Company, which was originally founded by her grandmother.

Rebecca Rose stood next to her painting.

“My grandmother started teaching me the techniques of  art when I was young and I started producing actual work by the time I was 10,” said Rose.

Sitting on the 3100 block of Spring Garden Street, the projects a deceiving look. While Rose’s gallery looks like your average Philadelphia two-story home, inside it holds years of artwork and many beautiful sculptures.

“People were confused at first and asked why I decided to set up my gallery inside of what looks like a house, but I really liked the location and I thought it was an area that I could easily brighten up,” said Rose.

Aside from the galleries and events she holds throughout the city, Rose also volunteers with the We Are Mantua! plan as a coach for the physical development task force. As a part of the physical development task force, Rose looks at improving the local parks, bringing more lights to the street and building more recreational facilities–all of the physical aspects of a community.

“Having been a public artist for the city since the ’80s, I kind of thought this was an opportunity to engage art with the greening development of Mantua,” said Rose.

To see more of Rose’s artwork or find out when she is holding events, visit her website at:


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