Al Dia: Mastery Charter School Celebrates High Achievement

Two students show off an award for academic achievement during the school's celebration for high rankings.
Two students show off an award for academic achievement during the school’s celebration for high rankings.

Hardy Williams Academy ranked third in PennCAN’s 2013 Top 10 schools. The Mastery Charter School celebrated the achievement Thursday evening in the school’s gym with performances from the choir and Step Team.

The school’s community emphasizes a strong family involvement, which is evident in the turnout of the celebration. President of the Parent Teacher Organization, Naeem Faison says it’s a great honor for everyone.


“Our teachers and kids deserve this…We hope events like this will encourage our children to be motivated about their future.”

Senator Anthony Hardy Williams attended the event and spoke to the room about continuing their efforts. Williams says he believes the success is found in a sound academic foundation.

“I am delighted…speechless actually. This school’s achievement is a testament to a good staff, committed families, and it means hope and opportunity for the future.”

Parents were equally optimistic. Shyrl Reynold-Kante has a daughter, Faith, in third-grade. The mother says her daughter is simply excited about learning.

“I appreciate this more than I can explain. My Faith looks forward to getting up and going to school in the morning. She loves all of her teachers.”

In a true family-style setting, the event ended with food and drinks for parents and children to enjoy with the teachers and staff.

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