Center City: Protesters Stage Die-In and March Through City Hall

More than 100 people silently dropped to the ground in 30th Street Station’s main concourse at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday and then marched out in solidarity to protest a recent string of decisions many are seeing as injustices.

Philadelphia-based In Defense of Black Bodies organized the protest. The organization began holding protests and marches last week after the decision was made to not indict police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri for the killing of teenager Michael Brown in August.

Protestors marched arm in arm down Market Street, onward to various entrances to highways, up the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and back onto Market Street. Police followed as the protest continued toward City Hall and into the courtyard where the Christmas tree lighting ceremony was taking place.


The chant, “black lives matter,” could be heard continuously as the protesters surrounded the Christmas tree. Onlookers were a mix of amused and angered that the protest had broken up the ceremony.

As the police officers began to regain control of the area, protesters stood their ground and continued chanting and marching throughout the evening.

It was reported that only one person was arrested during the protest.

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– Text, images and video by Marissa Nicole Pina.

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  1. Right, because we haven’t seen a dead person in Philadelphia on social media before. Where are the marches when a black child is gunned down every day in North Philly (and some of these kids are actually innocent)?

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