Center City: ‘Philadelphia Is Baltimore’ Rally Floods Streets

Around the world, demonstrations are taking place in support of the Baltimore protestors and to highlight police brutality and racial issues in their own cities in the wake of the Freddie Gray death.

Yesterday, hundreds of people participated in a rally, dubbed ‘Philadelphia is Baltimore,’ outside of City Hall in Center City. The rally started at Dilworth Plaza, with various speakers, drum lines and dance circles springing up in different corners of the park.

“This is what democracy looks like,” echoed the crowd as various speakers shouted messages demanding justice and equality through a PA system. Members of varying political and cultural groups rallied in support, chanting mantras including “Black lives matter” and “No justice, no peace.”

Eventually, the crowd began to march, moving throughout Center City heading towards Rittenhouse Square. Demonstrators flooded the streets, blocking entire roadways, leaving cars at a standstill.

While the protest started peaceful, demonstrators and police clashed after demonstrators reportedly tried to block the entrance to I-95.

CNN reported that police stated two arrests had been made.


-Text and photos by Jared Whalen.

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