Strawberry Mansion: Community Votes For Members of the Neighborhood Advisory Subcommittee

Residents of the 19121 and 19132 zip codes showed up to the Strawberry Mansion Neighborhood Action Center (NAC) last month to vote for members of the Neighborhood Advisory Subcommittee.

Community members voted at one of two locations – the NAC located at 2829 W. Diamond St. or at Moore’s Memorial Baptist Church at 1421 W. Dauphin St. Members of the Election Committee ran the polls by supervising a polling location and helping people through the voting process.

At he NAC, voters first signed in by writing their name, address, email and phone number on a sheet of paper. Then, they filled out a ballot by putting a check next to the names of the individuals they wanted to vote for. Photos of the candidates were placed on chairs to help voters match names to faces. Twenty candidates were on the ballot, but residents could only vote for up to 15.

The 10 new subcommittee members, which are chosen every two years, will be responsible for engaging with the community and helping the NAC’s executive board. The subcommittee does everything from fundraising, event planning, volunteering and providing residents with help finding jobs, food, aid with bills, medication, and much more.

Members of the community who turned out to vote are concerned about the conditions of the neighborhood. Some want the subcommittee to address issues such as crime and employment. The issues that resonated the most, however, were housing and education.

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-Text, images and audio by Avory Brookins


  1. When does the next election take place for Strawberry Mansion Executive Board Members? How long do they serve in their positions?

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