How To: Get A Property Tax Rebate

Many Philadelphia seniors are eligible for property tax rebates even if they rent. People as young as 50 years old qualify if they are widowed, and disabled residents as young as 18 can also qualify. Otherwise, the age requirement is 65. For some, it’s possible $975 could be returned if certain criteria is met.

If someone meets the initial qualifications above, the next step is to look at household income. Statewide guidelines give $650 back to homeowners and renters making $8,000 and year or less (half of Social Security income is excluded). For renters the maximum income for eligibility is $15,000. The requirement is $35,000 annual household income or less for homeowners, which would net  a $250 return.

But Philadelphians qualify for even more. Each senior household with a Philadelphia address and income less than $30,000 sees the rebate increase by an additional 50 percent. That means a possible $975 rebate at the top of the scale.

The state extended the deadline for the application from June 30 to December 31.

How to do it:

Read the details for specific information.

Follow the instructions and complete the application.

Need more help?
Your local legislator can assist you.


-Text and photo by Bob Stewart.

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