Queen Village: The Philly Goat Project Arrives To Help Teach Children About Sustainability

One of multiple events hosted by the Da Vinci Art Alliance in Queen Village during the month of April

On April 2, the Da Vinci Art Alliance and the Philly Goat Project collaborated together on an event dedicated to providing children and their families with lessons on caring for the planet.

The event was held at Palumbo Park and drew more than 100 residents in attendance.

This workshop was the first of many for The Da Vinci Art Alliance as part of a festival held during the month of April, Everyday Futures Fest, a series of programming “committed to fostering new ideas, facilitating open and respectful dialogue, and exchanging skills and resources.” The first event that kicked off the month involved billy goats to show kids the importance of caring.

The theme of the festival is to create a safe space for families to learn more about green sustainability, urban sustainability, and cultural sustainability.

The goats came from various trusted farms, including Amazing Acres, to ensure their care.

Suji Kanneganti, the event coordinator at the Da Vinci Art Alliance, said the idea was to provide families with the hands-on experience of caring for the planet.

“We wanted to teach children that, these animals that you love? They eat what is outside,” she said. “Are you taking care of what’s outside? I guess it’s more conscious for children to understand.”

Kanneganti said that when she began brainstorming the idea in November, she wanted to specifically work with the Philly Goat Project.

“I was familiar with the Philly Goat Project because I know the goat yoga events that they do around Philly so I decided to reach out to the director of the Philly Goat Project and she was excited about it,” Kanneganti said.

Another goal for the festival was for it to be for all ages.

“We noticed at the time that we didn’t have a lot of children programming yet, so the goat project is going to be putting on a play,” she said.

She deemed the play a success.

“Instead of Billy’s Goat Gruff, we are doing a play called, Philly’s Goat Gruff,” said Kenneganti. “They take the fairy tale and they put a Philly theme to it and also add facts of sustainability to it.”

Other events that were held courtesy of The Da Vinci Art Alliance included a Makers Market that took place every Thursday at Gateway Garden on 3200 Market St.

Local artists are welcomed to showcase their handmade crafts at the fair.

Another special event for children and families was the Palumbo Park cleanup on April 23. Coordinators were hoping to see more families pitch in so they can keep their community greenery clean and healthy.

The following day, the Da Vinci Art Alliance hosted a Everyday Futures Fest Block Party on their block on 7th and Catherine Streets.

For more information on other events, please check out their website.

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