Queen Village: Making Biking Look Good

This is the front of Bicycle Revolutions bike shop.
Here, employee Meghan works at the counter of Bicycle Revolutions accessories shop.

For many individuals living in the city, biking is more than just exercise or a convenient way around town—it is a lifestyle. Thusly, it is important that there are shops around town that cater accordingly to these individuals. This is where Bryan VanArsdale stepped in. Realizing that there was a huge market and need for legitimate bike shops in town, he opened Bicycle Revolutions in the spring of 2006.

This is the front of Bicycle Revolutions bike shop.

Located at 712 South 4th Street, Bicycle Revolutions has been offering road, single-speed and track bikes as well as options to customize your very own ride since their doors opened. In fact, not only do they offer bikes and bike parts, they also sell a plethora of biking accessories, including courier bags, saddlebags, reflectors and more.

“Every time I go into the store I come out with something new. The people who work there are really helpful and super nice. I guess that’s why I’ve been shopping here for so long,” explains Sarah Waiser.
This is an inside view of some of the items they offer at the accessories shop.

On either side of the street you will see their sign, as they have two locations that sit across form one another. One of the stores offers more accessories than bike parts but no matter what side of street you are though, you can expect the same great service and enthusiasm as the other.


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