Technically Philly: The Passion Behind EvoXLabs

Technically Philly: The Passion Behind EvoXLabs
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After suffering from a spinal cord injury as result of a car accident in 2013, Ather Sharif began his Spinal Cord Injury Blog soon after to motivate people in a similar situation to move forward. Sharif, a web developer for nearly 10 years, said he learned more about the things that limit those with disabilities after he became confined to a wheelchair himself.

Despite the adversities he faces, he became the founder of EvoXLabs, an organization created to increase web accessibility for blind users.

“As we delve further into this research,” Sharif said, “it will get more technical and more complicated. What we need is more involvement from the community. That will be the biggest challenge that I believe we will face.”

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– Text, images and video by Marcus McCarthy and Diana David.

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