Northern Liberties: Getting the Community’s Hands Dirty

Terrariums hang from the ceiling and green plants are everywhere inside City Planter. The former warehouse on 4th Street neat Brown is now a gardener’s sanctuary, with shelves of green plants and colorful flowers spilling out to the sidewalk, bringing their store out into the community.


The employees take great pride in the work they do for the store, their customers and their community. One of the unique qualities of City Planter is their care for and honesty to their customers.

“We’re knowledgeable about what we sell,” said Sue White, co-owner of City Planter. “We won’t sell you a plant if we don’t think it’ll survive in your house.”


FullSizeRender (4)Their care goes further by offering to pot purchased plants at the store so you don’t make a mess inside your own home. Along with that, you can email them a picture of your space and they’ll offer advice on what to do to make a space however you imagine. Also, if something is wrong with a current plant, they’ll help you rehabilitate it.Although City Planter is small, they try to give back to the Northern Liberties community as much as they can. The store recently donated plants to the nearby General George A. McCall School.

IMG_5465They also hold a few different classes throughout the months for the community, such as terrarium and kokedama classes. The most popular class, terrarium, cost $30 per person and aside from making a beautiful layered creation, they also serve wine and cheese during the class.

The employees welcome everyone, whether you know nothing about plants or you’re an expert. White mentioned there is something for everyone, at any price.

“The thing I love most is that you can come in here and you can spend $3 to $300 and we don’t treat you any differently,” she said. “There’s always something to find. w=577] 

– Text, video and images by Lauren Brown.

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