Point Breeze: The Design Movement Brings Together Artists and Residents

The Design Movement is a home decor store located at 1229 Point Breeze Ave., and features a variety of vintage pieces and local artists’ artwork. The store held its grand opening Oct. 23.

Sarah Raiburn (above), the founder of The Design Movement, never envisioned she would become an owner of a home decor boutique until last year when she experienced a house fire.

“When I moved here, I kind of didn’t have a whole lot of things to move with,” said Raiburn. “So it was my ability to recreate a home for myself that gave me the idea to do this.”

The unique pieces in the store are a mixture of donations, artists’ work and refurbished pieces. Raiburn enjoys taking old items and transforming them into a new pieces of treasure.

“In the store, there are items that somebody loved at one point, and now hopefully somebody else finds it, buys it and loves it again,” said Raiburn.

The majority of Raiburn’s current clientele are mostly residents walking down Point Breeze Avenue, or customers’ friends and family. Raiburn remains positive and hopes the items in the store can bring happiness and comfort to someone’s home.

“When I walked into the store, I was super-excited to see all the antique, old furniture and refurbished items,” said Point Breeze resident Tiffany Laboy. “Everything in here had lots of personalities and matched our house very well.”


Raiburn hopes to collaborate with glass artist Eileen Terrell in an effort to educate residents on how to transform their house into a home.

“You come in, you see a piece, and you like the shape of it,” said Terrell. “But you also want it to be more today, a little bit more you.”

Beyond weekly workshops, Raiburn plans on activating the empty lot she owns next to her store to sell Christmas trees. In the spring months, the lot will be used for non-traditional workshops in efforts to create a community space for new residents to meet their neighbors.

“I will like to have gardening classes or yoga classes to get community involvement,” said Raiburn. “There are a lot of people moving to this neighborhood and a space where people can get to know each other would be really good for Point Breeze.”

– Text, images and video by Morgan Falconer

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