Entertainment: Local Comedian Takes The Web By Storm

Viral videos seem to be one of the largest vehicles of entertainment today and for Timothy McGuire of The Philly Offensive, it’s how he gets his brand out there.

Born in Tacony, McGuire grew up in a working class Irish family. Always the jokester, he looked up to edgy comedic legends such as Howard Stern. Like a lot of comedians, he was quite the troublemaker as well.

“I had a problem with pills when I was younger,” McGuire said. “A lot of my videos make fun of the ridiculous things people do while they’re on drugs because it’s so close to home for me.”

Pretty much all of the comedian’s videos hold a special place in his heart. From giving people crap for buying top shelf steak with food stamps, to screaming at a Dallas Cowboys fan for getting a free coffee at Dunkin Donuts when The Eagles won, McGuire’s videos are all a personal memento.

McGuire wanted to make a Facebook page where he could post satirical videos about things that bothered him. Originally called The Tacony Offensive, McGuire doesn’t use professional actors for any of his skits.

“I’ll go along the El and wait for somebody to ask me for change or a cigarette,” McGuire said. “A lot of these people are in a bad spot, so instead of just giving them a quarter or a cigarette or whatever, I’ll ask them if they want to make a few bucks and be in a video.”

This method to McGuire’s madness has given all of his videos a realistic feeling, such a realistic feeling, in fact, that some people don’t know it’s fake.


Scrolling through the comments section of his videos you’ll find death threats and complaints scattered amongst the laughs and praises.

“I honestly can’t believe people think that these are real videos and I’m actually this insane,” McGuire said, chuckling.

All videos are posted with a disclosure in the description as to avoid any confusion, however this doesn’t seem to stop people. News and entertainment outlets such as Q102 have even fallen for the sketches, condemning McGuire’s behavior.

Due to this viral marketing, the Philly comic has gained some attention in the show business world, as well. Recently, McGuire shot a pilot for an original show on Netflix based on all the characters he has created over the years.

Text, image and video by Ryan O’Shea. 


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